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13 Reasons Why The Lob is the BEST Haircut EVER

The Lob (n) Lob = Long Bob. It falls anywhere between the bob and mid-length hairstyle categories, which conveniently means less salon visits, too Obviously, that’s the best haircut. EVER.  Everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Jenifer Aniston is…


#DIY: Why Every Woman Needs a Vanity

Every woman deserves a space in her house, that is dedicated to her own self. Whether you live alone, with your family, with your roommates; you definitely deserve a Vanity! What is a Vanity?…


#MaskMagic: Softer Hair in 60 minutes Flat

March is finally here! Which means the sun is gaining it’s strength and winter is finally over. So, goodbye beautiful non-greasy hair, and hello straw-hair. The heat makes hair exceptionally dull, brittle, and also…


#MakeoverChallenge: 30 days to Better Hair

30 Days. 30 steps. One Step a Day. It’s really difficult to manage your hair and keep it beautiful in the busy life. As much as we’d love to, we’ve all made promises to…


Spring Makeover: Best Haircuts for the Season

Ah Spring! The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping louder, the sun is rising earlier and my hair is getting frizzier. Now there isn’t much I can do about the sun, the weather…


Our Favourite Indian Youtube Beauty Vloggers

The advent of vlogging in the fashion and beauty world has been absolutely fascinating to watch! We love the enthusiasm vloggers have been showing by joining the community to get us some great content…