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Sumiran Kashyap is a fashion, beauty, wellness and creative arts blogger. Her blog is Thinking Totty (http://www.thinkingtotty.com/).

Makeup Hacks with the Humble Lip Balm!

Your modest tube/tub of lip balm, does more for your entire face than you probably know. Especially for the busy-bees who are constantly on the move, this inexpensive local drugstore item, is one of…


Sunscreen During the Monsoons?

Absolutely! To skip sunscreen during the monsoons is one of the biggest skincare mistakes of the season. Look around you: the monsoons may be upon our heads, but it’s not as though it’s darkness…


Facial Oils for Your Beauty Regimen

  It’s natural for you to be hesitant about facial oils. You know ‘oil’ from the skin’s sebaceous glands to be the culprit for unsightly spots, so why would you, technically, add more oil…


Sumiran’s Secrets: The Best Greens for Beautiful Hair

The Pantone Colour Institute has announced ‘Greenery’ as its official colour for 2017; inspired by Nature, symbolising a renewed zest for life, and fresh beginnings. Turns out, quite a few natural ingredients I’ve tried,…


#SaveYourSkin: Autumn Edition

It’s a dicey time of year, isn’t it! Sometimes, it’s bright, stuffy, and hot during the day; sometimes it’s just right. Either way, it’s nippy early in the mornings, and in the evenings. You…


#SaveYourSkin: Anti-Ageing Strategies

Why are we conditioned to believe that we won’t fall victim to these before the age of 30? I don’t think the majority of us have a clear answer to that! Our skin is…