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We want to revolutionize the way people discover and shop for luxury beauty products in India

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About Us

What We Do
VanityCask is a beauty box that gets delivered to your home. It contains samples of luxury beauty brands, handpicked by experts, to suit Indian women. The current box for November'17 is the VanityCask Glow Edition. It is a culmination of brands like Bliscent, Mom’s Therapy, Vôtre, Gulnare Organic Skincare and MCaffeine and aims to bring some of the best skincare products to women across the country. Our previous box was dedicated to the festive season and contained 5 deluxe samples from leading brands like Biotique, Vôtre, MCaffeine, Thalgo and Mom’s Therapy.

Why VanityCask
VanityCask helps you stay in touch with the latest global developments in the world of beauty. Our experts pick out the best samples, so you don’t spend time trying hundreds of others. We want you to discover and try new products, to make sure you know what suits you. It saves you money & time, as you don’t waste buying products you will never end up using. It is convenient as you can try new beauty products from the comfort of your home.

Our Next Move
We will be releasing a new box each month, with new brands and new products. Each edition of VanityCask will be aimed at bringing you luxury solutions, catering to a different shade in the Beauty spectrum! Our next box will be releasing on the first of December'17 and will be announced shortly.

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Meet The Team

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Tarun Joshi


“I wish to enable Indian women to understand & experiment with international trends and brands in the beauty space. VanityCask helps me create a platform that allows them to make informed buying decisions”

Tarun has over 30 years of experience in branding and fashion retail. He has launched brands like Gillette, Dunhill and Reid & Taylor in India. He was the founding M.D. of Brandhouse Retails Limited. He was also the Chairman of Asia Retail Congress

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Kshitij Rihal


“As a team we’re all feminists, liberal and progressive. I envision myself carving out a brand identity for VanityCask which is a real representation of our values.”

Kshitij has over 5 years of experience being an entrepreneur where he ran a digital agency & built an influencer marketing platform. He’s worked with brands like Pearson, WeChat, Daikin, ibibo and Tinder amongst various others.

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Pallavi Mehra


“When I moved back to India, I realized that there existed an information gap in choosing the right beauty product. I believe that VanityCask is going to transform the beauty industry of India. It truly is beauty secrets in a box!”

A marketing professional, Pallavi has studied and worked in the US and Europe. Her experience with and Rajvin Chemicals has helped her plan diverse marketing initiatives for VanityCask. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Dickinson College, USA.

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Shachi Nelli


"Being creatively inclined with a wide array of interests makes it hard to find the right workplace, but I have chanced upon my ideal here at VanityCask. Running the Content wing gives me the opportunity to grow as a designer, writer, and an editor & the responsibility that comes with this creative freedom really challenges me to get better everyday."

Shachi is an aspiring novelist, who has been working with Marketing and Content for the past two years. She defines herself as a feminist cat-lover who has her eyes set on changing the world, in her own small way. Her interest include reading everything in sight, discovering quirky fashion, graphic design, all things political, and the graceful art of Bharatanatyam.

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Roshan Dias


“I will strive to make VanityCask a truly unique experience for all its consumers. I will ensure that the entire process for the consumers is smooth and joyful.”

Roshan has over 14 years of experience in operations. His experience with textile and fashion retail industries has given him an in-depth insight into the Indian consumer.

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Tarannum Shaikh


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and my experience at VanityCask has been helping me do exactly that. The room to grow and learn, through experience and practical application is what makes me enjoy my time here the most."

Tarannum has 4 years of experience running operations in an Export firm. She holds a Master's degree in Business Management. She is a biryani connoisseur who enjoys travelling and playing badminton in her free time.

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Kunal Joshi


"I’ve always enjoyed solving problems of different kinds. After 4 years of solving financial problems, I wanted to focus on human ones instead. The need to discover the right beauty is one such problem that touches every woman, every day."

Prior to VanityCask, Kunal worked on Wall Street in New York and with a Private Equity firm in Mumbai. His background in finance & investing across multiple industries including startups like Snapdeal & Zomato, helps him leverage unique insights towards driving Vanitycask’s strategic initiatives. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cornell University, USA.

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Nikhil Bhavsar


“Technology, is an enabler. A tool by which we can provide ease of use to the consumer. At VanityCask I constantly work towards creating new benchmarks in user experience.”

Nikhil is a hard-nosed techie with a difference - his  experience across Ruby on Rails, HTML,CSS etc is balanced by consumer insights.

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Robin Dias


"I love the moment when the ease of a click, swipe or scroll makes someone's eyes light up by constantly innovating our technology. I hope to create a unique customer experience at VanityCask."

Robin Dias is VanityCask's in-house web developer with experience in Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.His previous experience with Datamatics enhanced his customer interaction skills.

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Larry Mascarenhas


"Working with great people makes you great, you learn a lot and it also gives you the experience to shape your own career. This is what VanityCask offers me, and this is the reason I value this company and what it stands for, as well as all my work here."

Larry was working with Accounting and Insurance firms for half a decade before beginning his VanityCask journey. A music lover, Larry firmly believes in giving his best at whatever he does, whether it's at work or otherwise. His passion translates into cricket field, as that is a sport he enjoys truly.