Know the truth behind hair colour myths, the importance of a thorough post-care routine, and more. 

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” And, how true was this fashion guru. But little did she know back then that getting a new hue or two can also do the same magic. Yes, a hair colour doesn’t only change the shade of your hair, but also adds a whole new zest and zing to your life. However, there are some myths around permanent hair colour that still deter a lot of people from taking the plunge. Here’s debunking them:

Myth 1: Hair colour will damage my hair to a great extent.

Fact: Hair colour does contain chemicals. Having said that, the present day colours have a lot lesser harmful chemicals as compared to the ones a couple of years ago. Today, many colours are ammonia free, which is great news. And, in fact, many of the recent launches have attributes, such as deep conditioning and reflective shine, too.

So, while your hair colour may alter some natural compositions of your hair, you can balance it all by using post-care products. Your hairstylist’s job is to colour your hair and recommend the right products and post-care treatment, and your job begins right after that. Undoubtedly, coloured hair, or, for that matter, any chemically-treated hair needs a lot more tender loving care. You need to use the right shampoo and conditioner. to not only maintain the colour but also save your hair from any damage. So, spend those hours and money to colour your hair only and only if you are prepared to put in some effort (not like you’d be spending hours on it).

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Myth 2: If I colour my hair during the summer months, it will fade more quickly.

Fact: The fact is that you can’t escape the sun, not even in the winters (unless you’re living in the North Pole, of course!). The summer sun won’t fade out your colour faster than the winter one. Using a shampoo and conditioner packed with UV protection will cause minimum harm to your hair colour. Alternatively, you can wear a hat or cover your hair with a stole.

Myth 3: Colouring my hair will lead to greying.

Fact: Neither does colouring grey your hair, not does it worsen the existing greys. When your hairstylist colours your hair, he/she applies the colour to the lengths and not to the roots. Thus, what is below the scalp remains unchanged.

A few things to keep in mind:

• Whether you want to go blonde, brunette, or blue, remember to only and only use colours from trusted and well-known brands

• If you are doing a home colour, read the instructions for the mixing ratios, etc.

• If you are heading to a salon, only do it at a trusted place

• Whether at home or a salon, do a patch test for allergic reactions before getting the colour

Have fun with your new hair colour. A few steps towards its post-care are all that you need to invest in.

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