Your Instagram Feed is about to become 10x prettier thanks to these lovely beauties that work really hard to simplify beauty rituals and inspire you with their makeup magic!

So whether you’re looking for a new office look, searching for reviews or just need some inspiration, here’s who you need to look to:


  1. Anushka Moore
  1. Nilu Yuleen Thapa

Party lips by adding glitters to my lips which I otherwise use on my eyelids. While doing this makeup, I was reminded of the time when I knew nothing about makeup and as my blogging habits progressed over the years, I spent hours learning makeup on YouTube which I'm yet to master. I won't write perfect as nothing is perfect and it's the small flaws in us which makes everything so beautiful. Which also leads me to write about a question I often get asked on DM's and Snapchat – Shortcut to blogging. I detest the word Shortcut. I'm sorry if it were some of you who wrote it to me but there is no pleasure in realizing the fruits of your work being recognized if you are someone who looks for a shortcut. It's been 4 years I've been doing my work and honestly I don't have a 100k following neither do the numbers interest me. Proof of how my work was can be seen in my blog archives which I refer constantly to measure if I've grown at all. I believe in accepting and acknowledging my own efforts rather than waiting for acceptance. All that interests me is showing what I love doing, trying to make each post better than the last one I made and that's what made me start BHLM in the first place – sneaking from office during breaks to shoot my OOTD with a camera phone. That's how I started blogging and I prefer working hard, working tiressly towards my looks, my makeup and how I pose and present my work. I learnt how to edit pictures for years, someone who didn't even know about Photoshop and Lightroom and it was frustrating to learn so many things at one go because back then all I wanted was for people to help me, but now I feel so proud that I did not rely on people to do my job for me. And I admire people whose efforts I see in their work. Well, tbh I haven't been very hardworking this year so I'll start with my resolution list- My only resolution is to change all my lazy habits and work hard, not only towards my blog but also about maintaining my health, my body, my skin and most importantly my presence of mind. What are you resolutions?

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  1. Stacey Castanha



  1. Naina Ruhail



  1. Akanksha Redhu



  1. Sonal Sagarya



  1. Larishka D’sa



  1. Kavya D’souza



  1. Ashima Makhija


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