The advent of vlogging in the fashion and beauty world has been absolutely fascinating to watch! We love the enthusiasm vloggers have been showing by joining the community to get us some great content in a format that is more interactive and personal, showing us who they really are and what they like.

Vlogs are definitely more helpful when it comes to beauty and makeup tutorials because they take you through the steps in real time, along with the correct application of products and the right methods, thus making it more accurate as well as fun!

We’ve curated a list of our top 7 Youtube Vloggers from all over the country, with multiple hair and skin types in the list so you can find someone who you like, and who you can learn from based on your own body type. You’ll find some veterans, some upcoming artists, and some promising talent on this list, so take your pick!



Ankita Srivastava


Debashree Banerjee


Hot Property:

Sejal Kumar


Sonal Sagaraya


Promising Talent:

Malvika Sitlani


Neha Desai


Magali Vaz

Check out their lovely channels and discover new ideas and tricks to update your beauty routine, and let us know what you think.

Cheers, ladies!



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