Ah Spring!

The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping louder, the sun is rising earlier and my hair is getting frizzier.

Now there isn’t much I can do about the sun, the weather or the birds, but my hair: now THAT I have full control over. If any of you are getting sick of your locks getting sweaty, your hair getting greasier or flakier due to the weather fiasco, this is a great time to consider a haircut. Even if you are a lucky mermaid and have perfect hair sans the problems I just listed, and are just looking for a makeover because, well, you’re bored: Look no further!

After a careful amount of research, hair-trend analysis, opinion assimilation, and a heavy dose of stalking celebrities, I’ve put together a list of haircuts that are going to help you get through this Spring with zero effort and maximum style!

Organised by length of hair that you want to maintain, here’s the best way to add some spring to your mane:


If you want to keep growing your hair out and not sacrifice on the length, but still want a fresh new look, here’s ONE simple trick to change your whole look. Behold, the French Style Wispy Bangs. 

Just ask your hairstylist to give you some thin wispy bangs, and add instant french chic to your long beautiful hairdo. This haircut is versatile, and bad hair days seem like a joke, because the bangs add spice to the most basic ponytail and bun, making your morning routine a dream!

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The secret to changing your look for this weather is to do what makes you look as good as it makes you feel. The heat is going to start pouring in, so making your hair lighter will not only help you look fresher and younger, but also give you an easier cut to manage!

The way to do this, is the simple Textured Lob. It’s not as blunt as it’s standard variety, uses layers and incorporates your hair’s natural form into this cut, which makes it truly diverse and liberating. Ask your stylist to thin out your edges to help give your hair the movement it needs.

This is the perfect haircut for an easy routine: just wash your hair, scrunch and go!

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If you prefer cropping it out, but don’t want the same pixie or buzzcut everyone is rocking, here’s a solution.

Grow out your bangs with an extreme side part and rock this brand new trend like a boss.

The two advantages to this are that you can grow out your pixie is style, and have the option of styling your hair in a lot more ways than a standard pixie would normally allow, while still keeping it edgy! Here’s how ladies around the globe are rocking this one:

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So ladies, it’s time to go out and get a fresh new look, and don’t forget to send in your before-and-after shots, makeovers really do make my day!

Until next time!

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