March is finally here!

Which means the sun is gaining it’s strength and winter is finally over. So, goodbye beautiful non-greasy hair, and hello straw-hair.

The heat makes hair exceptionally dull, brittle, and also causes you to sweat more, so your scalp is left completely confused. I’m going to try and combat this by taking precautions, and have decided to take the 30 Day Hair Challenge (Click on the link to read about the 30 steps to better hair)!

A real time illustration of me, trying to make my hair behave.

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But I still need a quick remedy to help me feel and look better instantly, and give my hair some volume back. Mostly, I just want to make it feel shiny and soft again. So how are we going to do that? Deep-Conditioning of course!

You don’t need to be told about the importance of deep conditioning. We’ve been told over and over again to use hair oils, creams, masques of all sorts at least once a week, by every beauty blog in the universe.

But today I’m going to experiment with something new. I’m going to try using a powder, instead of an oil or cream, to mask my hair!

The special powder I’m talking about is an all natural formula, made of Rosemary, Methi, Hibiscus, Amla and lots of other natural goodies! Our guest blogger Sumiran Kashyap just told us all about Using Greens for Her Hair in her Special Feature for VanityCask. As much as I’d love to follow her advice, I’m a lazy girl, so The Nature’s Co. Rosemary Hibiscus Mask is my short cut to including the natural goodness into my hair routine.

All you have to do is use the powder to make a paste, adding just enough water to achieve a thick consistency, and apply it to your hair. Leave it in for about 30 minutes, and rinse it out! The whole process will take about 60 minutes in total.

I tried the experiment last night, and my hair feels soft and luscious. I haven’t been able to stop touching it! While I was waiting for the mask to set, I also took the time to use a face pack, and give myself a full body oil massage before hopping into the shower. I stepped out feeling like a goddess, pampered and happy!

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It also made my hair shinier, which was brought to my notice by my colleagues at work this morning. (Thanks, Pallavi!)

The Mask costs Rs.1295, but you can try it here at VanityCask, along with four other Luxury HairCare products for Rs. 999/- ONLY! 

All in all, I’m highly impressed by the benefits of hair masking, and the for my next time, I’m going to try home remedies and make some masks myself! Sign up with your email to get the first look at more stories like this!

Until next time!

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