Every woman deserves a space in her house, that is dedicated to her own self.

Whether you live alone, with your family, with your roommates; you definitely deserve a Vanity!

What is a Vanity? Why Do I Need One? 

A Vanity is the safe space for your own self to appreciate and love your body. Whether you use a lot of makeup, or none at all, whether you take 20 minutes to get dressed or 60, you need a space that is truly yours, to carry out the rituals that give you comfort. The reason why we cherish beauty routines is because they are the expression of our self-love, to adore yourself enough is the first step towards becoming more confident and secure.

Your Vanity could be a simple mirror with a desk, and a vase with your favourite flowers in them, and a moisturiser.

Or it could be a full blown make-up station with the newest lipsticks and brushes.

What’s important is dedicating that space to yourself. Making it yours, to love, to adore, and to cherish.

How Do I Create One?

The Vanity consists of very simple elements, and I’ve made a list of things that you can use as a guideline. I’ve given you the essentials, and then added a list of some luxury elements that you can add for the aesthetic and emotional value they provide! I’ve included a list of pictures for inspiration, so bring out your pinterest boards and start planning your weekend DIY project!

  • Mirrors

The number one element of your Vanity will always be the mirror. You can get super decorative ones with large frames, or a simple black frame will do. You can have wall mounted mirrors, or have a close-up mirror with a stand on your desk. The choice is yours. The point is to have a clean mirror that you can see yourself clearly in, and appreciate and love what you look like.

Make-up Mirrors Need to Be Clear!

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Decorative options like these can add great flair too.

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  • Desk&Chair

The idea of having a desk set aside for this is so that you have a surface to work with. It could be a foldable table, with a stool for a chair. You can make it fancy by adding cushions to the chair, or a comfortable throw. Get matching sets, or work with second-hand steals. Repaint old furniture with a fun shade and see it come to life!

You can choose to go Minimalistic.

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Or go all out and get something funky designed!

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  • Lighting

Now that we’ve gotten the bare-bones set up, let’s focus on the next most important thing. A decorative lamp, string lights or professional make-up bulbs: the choice is yours. You need to create an ambient atmosphere and be able to see the creams you are applying, so get good lighting!

Placing yourself near the window is one option.

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Or you can experiment with artificial light.

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  • Storage

The next thing you need is to create a space for all your personal things. Right from make-up to skin care tools, to hair-care tools and accessories. Your Vanity is the one stop for you to get dressed and look pretty. Getting decorative trays, or storage boxes is a good idea for your creams. Lipsticks, eye-pencils, and make-up brushes can be stored in pencil holders or glasses. You can also find innovative ways to display your jewellery!

Storage is the primary objective of this Vanity!

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Trays are a great way to store and display your things.

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  • Flowers/Candles

To add to the ambience, you can get some fresh flowers, your favourites, to make yourself smile a little. Or you can get a candle stand with a scented candle in your favourite fragrance and treat yourself. Remember, this space is dictated only by YOUR choices!

These pink flowers really add a new zest to this Vanity!

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Using your old product bottles as a vase is a great idea!

Image Source

  • Photographs/Mood Board

Creating a small display of all things pretty will help you get inspired while you get ready each morning. Put up pictures of your favourite make-up looks, or your style icons, or yourself wearing great outfits and watch how your routine reflects your true style!

Not every Vanity needs to be girly or pink.

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  • Carpet/Rug

Lastly, to add a touch of luxury, you can get a carpet or a rug to demarcate the area and give it the feeling of a special corner. Having something soft to stand on while you’re straightening you hair will make you feel like a princess!

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So what are you waiting for?

Spend this weekend trying to create a space for yourself, and don’t forget to send us pictures when you’re done!

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Until next time,

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