Know everything about Baby Food Diet, a New-Age weight loss programme that became a favourite of many international celebs.

The English language has some interesting phrases, such as ‘to sleep like a baby’, ‘to cry like a baby’, and many more. But little could we ever think that there would be something on the lines of ‘to eat like a baby’! Yes, we are speaking about the Baby Food Diet. A number of well-known international celebs, including Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole, have sworn by the diet programme, which eventually also became common amongst the masses hoping to achieve some weight loss. Here’s everything you wanted to know about it.

What is Baby Food Diet?

Tracy Anderson, celebrity fitness expert and trainer, made popular the Baby Food Diet, which is a unique way of diet control based on consuming pureed foods that are apt for babies. Like any detox diet or cleanser plan, the aim of this one, too, is to bring down the number of calories you consume and improve your body’s cleansing ability. Broadly speaking, there are two versions of this diet. The first one includes consuming 14 jars/servings of pureed food, which comes to about 1,000 calories, and one balance adult dinner (that includes one lean protein and vegetable) per day. In the other version, snacks are replaced with small servings of baby food, with a balance of three adult meals per day.

Pros and cons

While there are many advocates and endorsers of the Baby Food Diet, there are quite a few experts who are not supporting it. Let’s weigh both the ends.

The pros

• Quite a quick way to lose weight, if you need to shed those kilos at the earliest

• Since most baby foods don’t have sugar, sodium and other preservatives, you save your body from the not-so-food food agents

• Safe to eat, as a lot of care is taken during the packaging, etc. of baby food

• There’s built-in portion control, so you won’t overindulge

The cons

• Baby food is low in fiber and extremely low in fats, things that are essential in an adult’s diet.

• Not apt for people with any minor or major ailments, and breast-feeding moms

• Since the food is pulverised, you may miss the pleasure of chewing your food

• You may also miss the various tastes and spices that most adults love

• Could become a little expensive on the pocket, as baby food isn’t exactly cheap

While some experts believe that this diet could be a rather easy way to kick-start some weight loss, many others feel that it is not a weight-loss diet but is simply a maintenance programme that will help you to keep off the kilos you’ve already dropped.

The final word

Like any diet programme, the Baby Food Diet, too, comes with some pros and cons and may or may not be your dream plan for weight loss. If you’re planning to try it out, do so wisely, keeping your daily schedule and routine in mind. The biggest health tip of the day being — talk to your body, understand its needs, and the rest will follow.

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