Discover what the women you love really love when it comes to their skincare routine.
It’s all about keeping it simple. Angelina Jolie won’t let any harsh soap touch her face. She believes in a generous application of lotion and swears by SPF. But her best beauty secret is… happiness!

She says,” When you’re happy with what you do in your life, and you’re surrounded by a lot of love and support, that’s the best thing for beauty. When you’re living very fully”.

Water is one of fashion icon Anne Hathway’s best kept beauty tips. She’s in love with its detoxifying properties and is responsible for her flawless glow which we all love. Anne also has a fetish for natural and homemade remedies. Unlike most stars, she’s not a big fan of tanning.

And if you’re one of those who would rather die than skip your morning and bedtime cleansing and moisturizing routine, be prepared to share skin tips with Natalie Portman. Her makeup comes off before her nightclothes come on. Now here’s one more fact you won’t believe: Natalie avoids anti-aging creams and other lotions and prefers an alcohol-free moisturizer instead. And of course, there’s nothing better than sunscreen!

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Ever wondered what goes into Mila Kunis’ no-makeup look? Nothing. Mila doesn’t believe in looks; she feels “looks” are fleeting but attitude is eternal. That’s what makes Mila Mila!

Less is more for Charlize Theron who just rinses her face with cold water, dabs on a bit of sunblock, foundation and mascara and begins her day.

Nude lipsticks are a no-no for Emma Stone. To put it in her own words, because she’s so pale, it makes her look “kind of like I’ve been dead for five years”.  Otherwise, mascara and moisturizers make her day.  

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