Hi Guys!
The summer sun is shining bright and clear, and so is my skin.
I know, I know. You don’t believe it.
Summers are the annual skin-apocalypse sent to destroy those with all skin types.
Pimples, dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, tanning, body odour. There’s about 780987 more issues that I don’t have to list down, because let’s face it: Every woman in India goes through them.
And this article, is not about problems.
It’s about solutions. And the secret to my clear, happy skin this summer!
So what am I doing to make my skin glow like a model?
Giving myself a royal Cleopatra-like Spa Treatment EVERY weekend!
I can hear you go “And-Which-Idiot-Has-The-Money-For-That-Exactly-Casue-I-Don’t”
BUT. Hear me out for a second.
I’m doing this amazing Spa thing AT HOME.
FOR 1/5th the price I’d normally pay.
Yeah. I know I work here. I have to love this box.
But guys, I REALLY do love this box!
Because I can make my body look great, feel great and basically feel like a total diva for Rs. 999/- which is awesome.
Here’s my step-by-step guide to have a fantastic spa Saturday day with the VanityCask May’17 box:
Step1: Cleanse with Coffee!
Use: Soap Square Fresh Brew Coffee Soap
  1. Rinse your body with warm water.
  2. Use the soap bar all over your body till it lathers.
  3. You can use a loofah or a skin brush, once it lathers.
  4. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
Why: I woke up on Saturday morning (okay, afternoon) and wanted a great kickstart to my day. Enter, coffee in a soap! My skin felt fresh, soft, and I smelt great. It was beautiful.
Step 2: Polish with Watermelon!
Use: The Nature’s Co. Watermelon Shower Gel
  1. Rinse your skin with water.
  2. Take the shower gel and apply it on your body using your fingers.
  3. Gently rub the gel on your body till it lathers.
  4. Rinse after use.
Why: I did some gardening work after my shower, and went outside to run a few errands and buy groceries. Thanks to the beautiful temperature, I came back tired and annoyed with the sun. I needed something to cool my skin down and this was the perfect answer.
Step 3: Scrub with Lemon Peel!
Use: Votre Creme Body Scrub
  1. Rinse your skin with water.
  2. Take the exfoliator and apply it on your body using your fingers.
  3. Gently scrub in circular motions to let the particles in the exfoliator work on your skin.
  4. Rinse after use.
Why: I save my weekends to deep clean the grime and dead skin off my body, and the shower gel is not enough. I followed it up with the creme scrub and voila, my skin was soft, moisturised and exfoliated! I felt like a baby. In a good way!
Step 4: Hydrate with Marine Technology!
Use: Thalgo Specialised Creams and Gels
How: Apply morning and/or evening to skin around the eyes, tapping lightly in from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes, then from the temples towards the brow bones.
Why: My box came with the under-eye silicium cream, and it was perfect for me because I’m constantly working late nights, which makes me wake up looking like a panda sometimes. This hydrating cream made my eyes cool down instantly, and I could see a noticeable difference with continued usage in my dark circles.
Step 5: Protect with SPF 35!
Use: Votre Multivitamin & Rejuvenating Moisturiser with SPF


  1. Take a coin sized blob of the cream on your fingers.
  2. Rub your fingers to warm up the cream and apply on your face and neck before stepping out.
  3. Reapply if necessary during the day.
Why: Final touch! I was heading out for a sun-downer and wanted some protection from the evening sun. This moisturiser came handy to complete the treatment for my skin, and provide the SPF protection that  I wanted! The full sized cream is rather pricey but using this made me realise that it’s so worth it!
Bonus Step 6: Enjoy Ad-free Music with Saavn Pro!
Use: Saavn Pro 1 Month Free Subscription
Use the code on your Saavn voucher on the Saavn app or website and voila!
Why: Dude. Free Music. No Ads. Need I say more?
Put on a fantastic Beyonce playlist, or tune into 90’s bollywood music. I won’t judge, I promise!
Blast Your Favourite Tunes, Rock Your Spa Day.
End Result: I felt pampered, loved, and my skin felt healthy, smooth and soft like butter. 
You know what to do if you want that too: Order your box, HERE today!
Until Next Time,